Four high school students break into a mansion, but it goes wrong when the manic owner shows up carrying a gun and ends up accidentally dead at the hands of the kids. 20 years later one of the kids, Mina, now lives a great suburban life. Her boyfriend at the time, a kid from the wrong side of the tracks named Reese, took the fall for the group and went to prison. The others went on to great personal and professional success and Mina's devoted her life to helping those in need as a secret way of atoning. But paradise won't last: Reese gets released from a state penitentiary and makes a bee-line for Mina.

At first Mina tries to help him, but Reese wants more than help. He wants her and the fantasy perfect family life he’s dreamt of—and the only thing standing between him and his heart's desire is Mina's husband. Mina must finally come clean and protect her family.

This movie was named too: 'Statute of Limitatioons' and 'Nightmare of the Past'.

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