"Suffrage" Carrie (2016-04-21)

In August 1920, only one more state was needed to ratify women’s right to vote in America. Tennessee reluctantly agreed to take up the vote. What happened next would change history forever. Suffrage tells the story of how women’s right to vote was all but doomed, until one senator’s mom gave him the ultimate guilt trip.

Executive Producer: Elizabeth Shapiro.

Cast: (Lloyd) - Lloyd Ahlquist, (Anne) felicia Day, (Carrie) Ashley Scott, (Feb) Jamie Dembo, (Thoma islips) James Crosby, (Albie Price) Drew Doege, (Dale Weedwood) John Ennis, (Katie) Sarah Hillier, (Sen. Bunkhorn) Shannon Holmes, (Sen. Marshall) Daniel Samadani, (Harry) Max Toplin.

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